Monday, 23 January 2012

Other uses Of Mobile Camera

Can we just take photos from our mobile camera ?
Here I am giving some other uses except that .

1. Evernote application
  • when there is no time to write, just open handy application like evernote (available for apple,blackberry, windows mobile and other smart phones).
  • Take photos of whatever you wanted to write.
  • This application automatically add photos to evrnote server

2. Worldcard mobile Application
  • Sometimes when we don't have to time to save all visiting card number in our phone.
  • With application we can easily save contact in our phone book by just clicking a business card photo.

3.Wikitude Application
  • Sometime in stranger area or country we can't have knowledge about buildings and area.
  • Well Just take photos of that building and this software will tell you all the details.

4. DocScanner Application

  • This application needs good quality of camera.
  • Take photos of the document and make PDFs file with the help of DocScanner application.

5. ShopSavvy Application
  • Need to know more about products you are buying ?
  • Take photos of its barcode and application will tell more details about product.
  • This will need Hi-Speed internet connection.

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