Saturday, 21 January 2012

How To Design A Bathroom

First Of all make a rough plan on plain A4 size paper.For accurate measurement representation on paper you make take 20:1 ratio , it means for every every 20 mm is represent by 1mm on paper and remember about  pipe outlet, doors ventilators etc.
and do not remove old plan until you finalized new plan because some clue may be find out in old plans.
Here are some points to take in mind when design of bathroom.

  • Shower Type
If you want only cold water shower then go for electric one otherwise give attention to mixer that mixes hot and cold water according to can find out design your nearest bathroom fitting store where lots of design and types available.
  • Realistic with flexible looks
when design this , keep in mind about future buyer who want and check out option in place of bath, it may be shower room or wet room.
  • Try to save space
double sinks are not fashionable instead without one you can save some space. the more space in bathroom the great looks come out.
  • Electricity
Take a look to various design lamps and light available at store near you.Try to find bright light , it gives attractive looks.
  • Tiles
Check out for plain tiles up to shoulder level and upon this you can stick various designer tiles but keep in mind that design do not hesitate your other designs. try to choose compatible one.

Here I will give you some pictures of simple but designer bathrooms.


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  2. Love those love photo of bathroom designs having the spirit of frosted glass, very nice, actually this photo might help me on renovating my rest room.

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