Monday, 30 January 2012

Facebook Timeline is Flop

This is poll result of 4000 users for Facebook timeline .
It clearly shows that more than half users get timeline as ' worries'.
Overall response is also ' Negative'
With this new feature Facebook is trying to give more widely exposure for their users about their profiles ans experiences.
However Timeline is no reason for users to leave Facebook.


  1. The whole point of why people liked FB to begin with is that it was a CLEAN WHITE PAGE-- unlike the cluttered, overly-layered MySpace that got out of control and became a visual headache-producing nightmare-- you couldn't even read much of the comments anymore, towards the end of its heyday...) so now, congratulations!! FB is just as cluttered and crammed full of visual crap!! Hooray!! Smooth move, guys.
    And the 2 photos thing..? A big one & a small one??? STOO-PID. Reminds me of those 1970's hazy double-profile photos...
    And the 'loading'.. (loading....loading...loading...loading... etc..etc..) thing is incredibly annoying. Guess what, the old FB didn't have this problem. The layout is annoying-- why the right and left thing..??? WTF?? the whole point before was it was a clean, linear... LINE. You have to go down through all the friends, photos, map, etc.. to get to the comments... which is really what most people want to get to right away... so now by the time you find the most recent comment your eyes are worn out. The fact that the idiot Zuckerberg is completely oblivious to all this.. and his customers wants and needs... AND gave all his loyal user a big 'F* YOU'.. by saying 'Too bad SUCKERS, you don't have a choice in the matter'.. is the biggest FAIL of all. I think the public needs to pull a 'Quikster' or a 'New Coke' on his arrogant ass. Why would you take something that WORKS-- something people use and know and love, which is what made you #1 in the world- and SCREW IT UP...??? Great move, geniuses.. great move.

  2. Could not agree more with the previous post..

  3. yaa, actually i didn't like facebook timeline.
    but I don't have time to stay abreast of on going social media
    thanks for share it.