Monday, 23 January 2012

Apple Employee Earning - Simple Mathes

Here Are simple mathematics that gives ideas on earnings of apple's employee

A senior director makes around $200,000 / year with bonuses.
In 1980's, when apple offer public issues , it offers 60 million shares and it becomes 490 million shares due to three time split since 1960's.
Today, however total 929 million shares in market.(Apple add other 439 million shares in market).
where did These much share go ?
Apple neither acquitted much bigger company not it went to investor.
during NEXT's acquisition Steve jobs paid   $ 429 million in cash and 150 million shares.
so remaining around 400 million shares have gone to employees.
400 million shares and $ 430 each means $ 172 billion.
Apple now has around 50,000 employee .
So, $ 172 billion divided by 50,000 = $ 3.4 million per employee

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