Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Smallest Touchscreen Music Player

Bluetree Electronics claims that it's device 'thecube2' is the smallest touchscreen music player in the world.
This player  gives you facility to store music wherever you go beacause it comes with micro SD card ranging from 512 MB to 32GB.
Here are some Audio Quality  Feature.
Dynamic Range - 100 decibel
DAC Resolution - 18 Bits
THD + N - 0.02%
SNR -94 decibel
Inter channel isolation - 80 decibel
Inter channel gain - 0.1 decibel

Justin Bieber launch Dancing Robot

Apart from other robot, this mRobo launched by company TOSY has a special feature that it can dance on any tune played by music player connected to robot speaker.
The robo grew up from 8 inches in normal condition to 18 inches when music played becuase it stretched out his legs and head outward like turtle.
And the most interesting part of this robo launch is it is launched by great Justin bieber.

i-phone sold is more than born babies per day

During last three months of 2011 Apple more than sold 37 million i phones.
It means it is bigger number than average birth rate.
Average birthrate per day is 3,71,000.
i phones sold 3,77,900.
however two factor affects this.
first - birthrate is not static
second - Apple's year performance was not indicated by Christmas season.
Still it is staggering number sold.

Monday, 30 January 2012

Facebook Timeline is Flop

This is poll result of 4000 users for Facebook timeline .
It clearly shows that more than half users get timeline as ' worries'.
Overall response is also ' Negative'
With this new feature Facebook is trying to give more widely exposure for their users about their profiles ans experiences.
However Timeline is no reason for users to leave Facebook.

Friday, 27 January 2012

Wii U Is Coming

Good news for Tech Savvy and Gamer.
Nintendo announce its Wii-U will come in US market during Christmas.
However No exact date announced , but may be arrived week before 2012 end.

All In One Chat/Messenger

Here are list of chat/messenger service by which you can chat with friends from all social networking sites, mail etc.

Wednesday, 25 January 2012